Diseased Tree Removal in Cotswolds | The Importance of Removing a Dead or Dying Tree

If you discover a dying or diseased tree in your garden, it’s important to contact the reliable tree surgeons as soon as possible. This also applies to shrubs and hedges, which can suffer from a variety of issues when left untended for extensive lengths of time. Renewal pruning, diseased tree removal and hedge cutting are integral to the health of your plants, especially given the speed at which disease can spread. Absolute Tree Care offers affordable tree surgery to landowners in the Cotswolds area, removing problematic trees with the greatest respect for health and safety.


Skilled in hedge cutting, site clearance and more, we take on a range of small and large-scale tree surgery projects.


Containing the Infection


When performed by a trustworthy team of tree surgeons, diseased tree removal can greatly reduce the spread of infection. One of the most prolific diseases in the UK, Ash Dieback leads to unsightly lesions, a reduction of leaves and the eventual death of the tree. Our local experts assess the condition of trees throughout the Cotswolds area, taking the necessary steps to remove the problem swiftly for your convenience.


A Safer Garden


When a tree begins to die, its branches naturally begin to rot and break off – making it a potential hazard for those at ground level. With a talent for hedge cutting, crown thinning and dead wooding, Absolute Tree Care creates a safe environment that’s free from falling branches. Customers in the Cotswolds also contact us for site clearance, stump removal and the recycling of green waste matter.


A Brighter Environment


The most noticeable benefit to removing a tree comes in the form a brighter, more attractive space. Dense, overgrown trees can lead to arguments between neighbours or a major accident in severe winds. By calling us for tree surgery and site clearance without delay, you receive a friendly, informative service that increases the amount of natural light in the immediate area.


Contact Absolute Tree Care


We can spot the tell-tale signs of disease and always work responsibly, delivering a professional service in the Cotswolds that considers the state of your plants at every stage. Our tree surgeons can perform an aerial inspection of the afflicted area and conduct immediate disposal of waste material using a purpose-built mobile incinerator.


Please speak to us for prompt site clearance, tree surgery, diseased tree removal, crown thinning, hedge cutting and more in the Cotswolds area.


Our expert tree surgeons proudly offer the following benefits and services:

  • Fast tree removal for a spacious, light-filled environment
  • Renewal pruning and hedge cutting at the correct time of year
  • Prompt site clearance, stump grinding and waste removal
  • Crown thinning, lifting, reductions and dead wooding


For secure diseased tree removal in the Cotswolds area, please contact our professional tree surgeons on 0800 6951944 or 07788 513780.