Diseased Tree Removal in Witney, Oxford & Across Oxfordshire

Absolute Tree Care holds a reputation as specialists in ash dieback. Our unique, professional, start-to-finish diseased tree removal service provides property owners in Oxfordshire with safe disposal of infected vegetation. Our vastly experienced City & Guilds and NPTC-qualified tree surgeons have the ability to diagnose and fell diseased specimens using licensed methods. In line with guidelines set by the department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA), we then burn infected matter in our own purpose-built mobile incinerator in-situ at sites in Witney, Oxford and across the south of England.


When it comes to diseased tree removal, our services include:


• Free Inspection & Diagnosis Consultation

• Aerial Inspections & Full Reports

• Informing Relevant Government Agencies

• Carrying Out Essential License Administration

• Qualified & Insured Felling or Dismantling of Infected Species

• Immediate On-Site Disposal of Materials in a Mobile Incinerator


For the ultimate peace of mind, Absolute Tree Care holds a fire control qualification. Our clients can rest assured that their materials will be burned in a safe and controlled manner.


If you suspect a tree on your property in Witney, Oxford or or anywhere across the south has become infected with ash dieback, please contact our tree surgeons for a priority service.

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What is Ash Dieback?


Ash dieback officially goes by the name of Chlara dieback of ash. The name of the fungus associated with the disease is Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, but may also be known as Chlara fraxinea.


When infected, trees suffer crown dieback, leaf loss and bark lesions. Unfortunately, once ash dieback takes hold, the tree usually dies. This may either be directly as a result of the infection or indirectly through other pathogens (especially honey fungus and Armillaria fungi) taking advantage of the tree’s weakened state.


The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle carries the fungal spores, passing them onto the trees it bores into. Natively from Asia, the insect reportedly entered the UK from Poland. The disease can also spread over short distances, at most ten miles, on the wind, as well as through the movement of infected ash plants.


The first case of Chlara in Britain was confirmed in February 2012 in a nursery in Buckinghamshire.


Responsible Diseased Tree Removal


With an array of disposal legislation to follow, we strongly recommend leaving any kind of diseased tree removal in Witney or any other Oxfordshire location, to reputable tree surgeons. While specific disposal options may vary according to the location and nature of the infected vegetation, the options remain limited.


Below, we have listed the recommended methods for land owners and operators, excluding private householders, in a decreasing order of preference.


1. On-Site Incineration – This option, strongly preferred by the Forestry Commission and SEPA, requires a license if burning more than 50kg of wood per hour. Likewise, a license still needs to be obtained even if the burning device has the capability of incinerating more than 50kg per hour and comes with a limit of 10 tonnes over a 24-hour period.

2. Open Burning In-Situ – Only applicable to rural areas, this option has a limit of 250 tonnes. As with the previous method, a special waste license must be secured before any burning takes place.

3. Composting In-Situ – While this method has full legality, it has also been certified as not being a viable eradication process.


Please visit the gallery page to view examples of our tree surgeons at work in Witney, Oxford and beyond, as well as the outstanding results we achieve.


While Absolute Tree Care doesn’t provide nationwide coverage, our tree surgeons do travel further afield to conduct diseased tree removal services. For any queries, please get in touch.


For swift, safe and legal diseased tree removal services in Witney, Oxford and throughout the south of the country, call 0800 695 1944 or 07788 513 780.


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