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Absolute Tree Care conducts domestic and commercial hedge cutting and height reduction services to suit the needs of any client. We understand that hedge maintenance involves hard, time-consuming work that property owners can easily fall behind on. With even the best of intentions, it doesn’t take long for a hedge to become ragged and unkempt in appearance. From our base in Witney, we undertake hedge cutting work throughout Oxfordshire, from Oxford to Banbury, and at locations across the south. As your tree surgeons of choice, we tailor our approach to suit the size and species of the hedge at hand in both formal and informal styles. With more than 25 years of trade and industry experience shared between our team, we offer proven results of superior quality.


Hedge maintenance services with Absolute Tree Care include:


• All Forms of Hedge Cutting, Height Reduction & Removal

• Hedge Cutting & Height Reduction Catered to Any Species

• All Natural Waste Removed & Recycled

• One-Off or Ongoing Domestic Hedge Cutting

• Commercial Services on a Contracted Basis

• Free Advice on Laws Relating to Hedge Maintenance


If you require a reliable hedge cutting service in Witney, the surrounding areas or anywhere across the south of the country, be it a one-time procedure or scheduled maintenance, please contact us.

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Decades of Hedge Cutting Knowledge


Here at Absolute Tree Care, we recognise that DIY projects hold a certain appeal. Hedge cutting, however, benefits from the expertise of time-served, professional tree surgeons. Not only does our team guarantee a clean, smooth finish and ongoing healthy growth, we also undertake all work in full compliance with the law.


During our time carrying out hedge cutting services in Witney, Oxford and the neighbouring areas, we have worked extensively with every species. With such a wide variety of species, it stands to reason that a universal approach to their maintenance simply doesn’t work. Our tree surgeons apply different methods to specific hedges to ensure their ongoing health. If performed by inexperienced hands, hedge cutting and height reduction often takes on a harsh quality, increasing the likelihood of exposed brown foliage or unsightly holes.


In regard to formal hedges, maintenance work also requires specialist skill. With NPTC and City & Guilds qualifications to supplement our practical experience, the tree surgeons at Absolute Tree Care maintain formal hedges with an upward taper, all the while not exceeding a width of 60cm. This method, called ‘cutting to a batter’, creates optimal growth conditions as the wider base allows an equal share of sunlight across the entire hedge.


Working Within Legal Responsibilities


As respected tree surgeons, we structure our hedge cutting services in Witney and across Oxfordshire to comply with two important pieces of legislation: the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Hedgerows Regulations 1997.


The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 plays a vital role in protecting wild birds. In relation to our hedge cutting services, these regulations state that it remains an offence to intentionally disturb or damage an active wild bird’s nest. With this in mind, unless we have complete certainty that a hedge doesn’t contain a nest, we don’t conduct hedge cutting between March and August, thus avoiding the bird breeding season.


The Hedgerows Regulations 1997 offers protection to hedges based on their importance, location and length. Hedgerows in rural areas of Witney and Oxfordshire continue to perform roles as boundary markers and fences, so local communities depend on these features being appropriately preserved.


Other Services


In addition to our hedge cutting and wider range of tree surgery services, we also provide the following:


• Conservation Procedures

• Ground Maintenance

• Woodland Management

• Landscaping

• Tree & Hedge Planting

• Wood Recycling

• Wood Chipping

• Firewood Sales


Regardless of the services we undertake, our clients can rest assured that we operate with the utmost professionalism and honesty.


For more information regarding hedge cutting and height reduction services in Witney, Oxford and across the south of England, call 0800 695 1944 or 07788 513 780.


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