Tree Surgeons in Kidlington | The Best Reasons to Hire a Professional Team

When it comes time to remove a dying tree, prune garden hedges or perform other garden maintenance in the Kidlington area, it may be tempting to attempt the job yourself in the name of saving a few pennies. Tree surgery is a notoriously dangerous task, however, and requires keen attention to detail and a clear focus on safe working conditions. Skilled in diseased tree removal, site clearance, hedge cutting and more, our tree surgeons offer unrivalled workmanship at a highly competitive cost.


Below we outline some of the best reasons to select a reliable team for your tree surgery needs instead of attempting the task yourself.


Personal Safety


Should you attempt to take on the challenge independently, you could suffer from serious harm should an accident occur. As a trusted team of tree surgeons serving Kidlington and the surrounding areas, we comply with numerous health and safety regulations, including the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 to name a few.


We undertake diseased tree removal, site clearance and hedge cutting using the relevant safety equipment, having been fully trained in the secure handling of dying branches and dead wood.


Professional Knowledge


Although most homeowners in Kidlington are unlikely to attempt hazardous tree surgery themselves, it’s not uncommon for them to perform hedge cutting without the aid of professional tree surgeons. This forgoes the knowledge of an experienced team and may lead to issues in the future – impacting the state of your hedge and the wildlife that lives within.


Our team understands the importance of working to the correct seasons and fully inspect hedges in Kidlington for active nests before getting to work. We can advise on the best ways to maintain your garden, providing a more enjoyable space for use throughout the year.


The Highest Standards Possible


With experience in diseased tree removal, hedge cutting, site clearance and more, we conduct a reliable service for an array of property owners in the Kidlington area. Our experts inspect your flora before removing diseased branches and prune hedges to the correct height as required by law. By calling us instead of attempting tree surgery alone, you receive a spacious, attractive natural area that’s fully maintained and safe to enjoy.


Our team also performs stump grinding using advanced equipment, removing the roots of your felled tree for a reusable space.

  • Diseased tree removal from the highly trained tree surgeons
  • Hedge cutting that complies with the Wildlife and Countryside Act
  • Meticulous tree surgery for crown thinning, lifting and reductions
  • Site clearance, tree removal and more for a light-filled garden
  • A friendly service with warm communication and a positive outlook
  • The proper tools and safety gear, with full insurance as standard


Please call our professional tree surgeons on 0800 6951944 or 07788 513780. We perform diseased tree removal, hedge cutting and more in the Kidlington area.