Tree Surgery in Witney | A Wise Investment

Here at Absolute Tree Care, our extensive range of tree surgery services have played a vital role in turning dream gardens into stunning realities. When it comes to overall domestic landscaping, we recognise that tree surgeons may not be the first people homeowners in Witney think of. Yes, we utilise powerful machinery during a site clearance and carry out procedures in the crowns of tall trees, but we also share more than 25 years of experience on smaller scale domestic services too. From stump removal to hedge cutting, and from crown work to diseased tree removal, we make gardens more aesthetically appealing, safer and healthier.


If rapidly growing hedges, tree stumps or increasingly dangerous trees have imposed limitations on your garden projects, Absolute Tree Care can find the ideal solution to your problem.


We have listed and outlined below how tree surgery performed by professional, experienced tree surgeons benefits property owners in the Witney area.


1. A Depth of Knowledge


When it comes to any kind of tree surgery work, be it hedge cutting or diseased tree removal, we strongly advise our clients to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Aside from an array of safety concerns that we address below, fully-qualified tree surgeons have dedicated themselves to perfecting their craft. Here at Absolute Tree Care, we pride ourselves on our safety record and the superior results we achieve, and we only hope to improve in the future too.


Our continued pursuit of perfection plays a vital role in completing projects across Witney on time and within budget without any comprise on quality.


What’s more, our tree surgeons have the ability to differentiate and identify an exhaustive range of tree and plant species as well as their growth patterns and other idiosyncrasies unique to them. Furthermore, upon a simple visual inspection, we can identify weak branch unions and initial signs of decline and disease.


Quite simply, investing in this level of expertise from the beginning represents a much more cost-effective approach.


2. Safety


By its very nature, the tree surgery work we perform holds certain inherent risks. Not only do we use heavy duty, powerful machinery during site clearance and stump removal work, as tree surgeons we also work with chainsaws at height. However, we do all of this in full compliance with the latest British Standards, including BS 5837 and BS 3998, and Health & Safety Legislation.


Whether we carry out recurring hedge cutting services or have to fell a tree following damage inflicted during a storm, our Witney-based tree surgeons work to the very highest of safety standards. There’s no price on the importance of that.


3. Continued Healthy Growth


Ideally, we could plant trees and watch them grow into perfect specimens. Sadly, this doesn’t happen. Even in rural areas, tree growth has the potential to cause problems, so it’s little surprise that they do so more frequently in urban areas. With houses, pipes and powerlines to contend with, trees often come into conflict with our daily lives.


With tree surgery services such as crown reductions, thinning and lifting, hedge cutting and site clearance, our tree surgeons operate in Witney proactively rather than reactively. For the ultimate in maintaining healthy growth, our tree surgeons specialise in diseased tree removal.


4. Increased Property Value


The results of a study conducted by Money Magazine indicated that a property with a landscaped garden in a well-maintained condition had a value 6% to 7% higher than one without. Most obviously, tree surgery and hedge cutting services increase aesthetic appeal, but they also play a pivotal role in enhancing privacy and security. With our nurturing and maintenance of existing trees as well as site clearance operations and diseased tree removal, we can develop existing spaces or create a clean slate for a new project.


If you’re a homeowner in Witney in need of site clearance, hedge cutting tree surgery or diseased tree removal services, call 0800 695 1944 or 07788 513 780.